Monday, November 13, 2006


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basically its braised pork served with some salted veges and kuey teow in pork soup.

let the pictures do the talking lah~ slurrrrp~

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its sorta like grill dried beancurd served with prawn sauce and veges.


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even the otak-otak served there is superb.


also another 5 star dish! but it was so delicious that i forgot to snap a picture of it haha

just goto johor and tell them u are looking for the mee rebus place facing the sea and the locals will know where. ;)

Friday, November 03, 2006

off to Johor!

hey all! I'm heading to Johor tmmr for a food road trip and will be back on Monday! haha do look forward to upcoming reports ;)


Monday, September 25, 2006

grill fish : Petaling Street

my first time visit to this ever famous grill fish store i always hear about.
its situated right next to Hong Leong Bank and behind the famous mata kuching drink stall.

we arrived there approximately....7.45pm. the queue was already trememdously long and ppl were waiting. no more free tables around. but we still decided to take our orders since we specially went there for it.

we ordered grill fish and grilled lala (clams) for two. now this place is amazing. why? coz its my first time there and i am told to wait for 80minutes for the food. i insisted OK. bring it on! not only that, i have to pay a deposit of 10bucks to book my order so that they are 100% sure i'll be back. (previously i heard that they only take 1ringgit as deposit. now they take 10! wow!)

so after walking around, wasting some time, had some roasted chestnut and "kwai ling gou"....we wnet back to the stall and there was not as many ppl anymore after 80 minutes!!! (i went back slightly earlier to get a table)

heres the food....
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grilled stingray (the species that killed steve irwin!!! time for revenge!)
the sauce / gravy was very very spicy. other than spicy, i doubt there is anything else to describe.

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the clams were alright, but kinda tasteless really. its all about the sauce. same sauce as the fish.

overall, i dont understand why ppl are going there to eat. i'm there coz i heard so much about it. but the food is just mainly salty and spicy. the clams didnt have much meat to it. and as you can see from the pictures, they basically used foil to wrap the food and cook it in high fire. which is actually pretty bad for health.

i guess its my one and only time going there. its not superbly a hygienic place really....shud have taken more pictures...but the place was quite dark...

food genre : chinese malaysian
location : KL
price range : RM20 (for 2pax)
ratings : 1.8-forks / 5-forks
recommended? Not really...
other notes : not clean, long wait, tasteless. smoking allowed. noisy and constantly being disturbed with beggars and salesman.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Korean : USJ Taipan

hmm...i forgot to get the name of this Korean Restaurant at USJ Taipan. will get it the next time i go there again. yes, will go there again as the food was hot! it was awesome! one of the few best korean restaurant i ate in malaysia.

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first off, strips of beef grilled on hotplate with garlic.

the place is not smokey due to all the BBQ-ing cause they had a device that goes very near to the hotplate and acts as a vacumm cleaner and sucks all these smoke out. kewlness. (shud have taken a picture)

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the do the cooking for u and cut them up. beef was yummy. very well marinated.

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this is one of the items i HAD to order as i love rice cakes. korean rice cakes stir fried with some chilli stuff with veges and egg. also yummy! its not as spicy as it look really.

we actually kinda over ordered hehe there were alot more other stuff that we ordered and the side dishes like kimchi, beansprouts, potato salad..etc kept on replenishing. (bottomless!)

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this is one of the mroe expensive dishes. its Monk Fish Head boiled in clear soup with golden mushrooms, beansprouts and some other veges like spring onion or leek.

in all, this is a great place to go for food. they serve a variety of korean alcohol as well and they gave us a free pancake. sorta something like omellete.
price wise.....its fair for the quality of food that they served. its not a cheap place....but its worth the money paid for.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006


another Japanesy place! this time around, Sakae's LCD screen has lured me in.

get your seat, order your drinks and start clicking away for your food other than the sushi thats available on the conveyor belt.

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food are organized in their respective categories for easier browing, quite a wide variety of food selection as well from cold to hot...once u click on whatever choice u have, your order will be sent to the kitchen and the waiter will send it to you. and oh, you dun have to wait very long for the food to arrive as well, service is quite fast which is good cause you wont be stuffed with all the food from the belt that u totally forgot about amount of food u just ordered!

food that we tried and recommend...

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this salad consist of shredded cabbage and crab meat - KANI SALAD

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tempura veges with slight drizzle of sweet sauce, quite fragrant actually. - KAKIAGE

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after all the cold sushi and salad, i needed some hot soup, so i ordered Udon noodles with some japanese mountain vege - SANSAI UDON. the veges do look abit like ferns, so some of you might not like the looks of it and find it gross.

Address: THE CURVE
food genre : japanese
location : mutiara damansara
price range : RM15 - RM60 (for 2pax)
ratings : 3.8-forks / 5-forks
recommended? YES
other notes : halal, no pork, no lard, but beer is served.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


opposite KL Plaza and Lot10, next to Public Bank and same row as 101's, we decided to give Dontaku a visit.

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appetiser - tako tomato salad
- baby octopus, tomato, lettuce and the salad sauce has a tinge of wasabi added in it. multiple orgasms, head throbbing experience guaranteed!!! excellent dish!

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main - chicken teriyaki. normal like every other japanese restaurant. set comes with teriyaki grilled chicken, rice, potato salad, salad & miso soup.

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main - sukiyaki. this is not a set, rice was a separate order. sukiyaki comes with raw egg as a dip. broth was a little too sweet. sukiyaki consist of beef, chinese cabbage, leek, onions, golden mushrooms & tofu.
highly recommended dish.

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authentic deco and menu found all over the place, but this particular one caught my attention...Nin Niku.....(means something obscene in chinese language)

what i like about the place is that they have japanese staff working meaning the food is not malaysianised. hot towels served once you got to your table and tea is free.

Address: 148 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
food genre : japanese
location : KL
price range : RM25 - RM80
ratings : 3.8-forks / 5-forks
recommended? YES
other notes : non-halal i think, as they have katsu-don (pork rice), japanese diners

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

good ole cabbage soup

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my very first meal at this new place. one pot + cabbage + fish balls + meat balls + ikan bilis based soup + noodles...

simple, delicious and nutritious. looks like i might lose some weight! haha